About us

Chetan Raj Pant and Shambhu Pant have been serving as journalist in Lumbini region for more than two decades. They have been working for publicity and promotion of Buddhist sites in and around Lumbini. They have been actively participating various national and international tourism mart and festivals for publicity of these historical and pilgrimage sites through photo exhibitions. We have a long experience in national and international media and received many awards and appreciations by different organization and agencies throughout our long career. They also have working and advocating for pro-environmental and cultural program which assures sustainability of these properties.

shambhu pantThey have been able to launch this website out of one year's unflinching dedication, hard works and research. The objective of this website is to disseminate more and authentic information on Lumbini, the holy birthplace of the Sakyamuni Buddha, and other sites associated to the Buddha and Buddhism in Nepal and India. The website will serve the surfers with information on Buddhist sites supported by recent high resolution photographs, location, and short descriptions. More photographs and text will be added in future as well. Regular update of the site will help the readers to acquaint themselves with fresh and latest information.
They feel their attempts rewarded if it serves disseminating relevant information to visitors and pilgrims even in a small scale. They would like to thank all visitiors for reading their site.

May the lord Buddha bless all of sentient beings.May eternal peace prevail in the earth.