Buddha and Buddhism

Siddhartha Gautama was born in Lumbini Garden in 623 BC. His mother Queen Maya Devi passed away after seven days of his birth. The newly born child was brought up by his step mother Prajapati with much love, affection and care. He was named “Siddhartha” meaning every wish fulfilled.  He renounced the princely life at the age of 29 after having seen four great sights of a sick man, groaning with pain, an old man, stooped with age, a dead body, being carried for a funeral pyre, and a monk, majestically walking along the road.
He left the palace secretly with the help of charioteer Chhana and his horse Kanthak. After travelling the whole night they reached on the bank of River Anoma when the sun dawned in the morning. Siddhartha shaved his head; wore a set of robe and entered into the world of penance and uncertainty. However, he had not lost his cool and he was highly determined to achieve ultimate wisdom and path for the suffering humanity. After six years of vigorous spiritual search and extremely hard penance he realized ultimate wisdom at Bodhgaya. All levels of his mind were perfectly awakened and became the Buddha, the awakened one at the age of 35. He spent rest of his life preaching his doctrines and developing Buddhist Sangha. He passed away at the age of 80 in Kushinagar. Major events of the Buddha's life: the birth, the enlightenment and his mahaparinirvana (demise) occurred the same date of Vaisakh purnima. Therefore, Vaisakh day is three fold blessed day.
Buddhism evolved after the Buddha's enlightenment. The Buddha's teaching, the Sangha, set of practices and rituals together make Buddhism. Buddhism is regarded as the religion of non-violence, universal goodwill, and compassion. Some call Buddhism is purely a mental science. Buddhism is a teaching of middle way or moderation. Are seen by some is religion; others are philosophy, even psychotherapy. It is the path of higher mental calm and clarity. The Buddha’s message is relevant today as it was two and half thousand years ago. The ideas filled with immensely facts to establish eternal peace of mind has made so popular today.
Buddhist Schools of Philosophy